Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Houston & Katy, TX

Before a dental prosthetic such as a partial or full denture is placed, pre-prosthetic surgery may be needed to prepare the bones and tissue in the mouth. Dentures rest atop the dental ridge and require close contact with gums along the entire arch to remain firmly in place. Minor oral surgery is used to smooth and reshape the bone and gum to improve comfort and fit.

Common Pre-Prosthetic Surgical Procedures

It is essential that dental prosthetics fit properly to maximize function and reduce shifting of the appliance that can cause discomfort. When existing teeth are extracted in preparation for dentures, it can leave sharp, uneven spots on the jaw that create instability and prevent the prosthetic from fitting flush against the gums. Surgery improves the structure of the mouth to better accommodate the prosthesis and optimize function, aesthetics, and comfort.

The type of restoration taking place, and the existing contour of the mouth will determine which surgical procedures are necessary. During your consultation, the surgeon will review your specific needs and how to best prepare your mouth. Pre-prosthetic surgical procedures may be combined based on your individual situation. Common procedures include:

  • Bone Smoothing and Reshaping: Any sharp edges or points, as well as uneven growths, are smoothed out so that the bone is the correct size and shape to receive the dental prosthetic.
  • Excess Bone Removal: Traditional dentures cover the roof of the mouth, so an even surface free from irregular bony edges is necessary. Minor surgery can remove any excess bone from the palate or edentulous ridge.
  • Reduction of the Bone Ridge: Alveoloplasty is a surgical procedure used to reshape the jawbone following tooth loss or extraction. As the socket fills with new bone growth, it can create a bump that protrudes from the jaw and requires smoothing. The bone ridge is carefully refined to the appropriate shape and contour for even-fitting dentures.
  • Excess Gum Tissue Removal: Folds in the gums or a buildup of gum tissue can prevent dentures from fitting securely. Removing excess tissue creates a contoured surface for denture adherence.

Before receiving your new dentures or bridge, a full evaluation will be performed to assess your current oral health and identify potential issues that may affect how your prosthetic fits. An individualized plan will be created to address your pre-prosthetic surgical needs and create an effective structure to support dental prosthetic placement.

At Lighthouse Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we make procedures as relaxed and painless as possible. We can use varying levels of sedation to enhance your comfort, and we employ the latest techniques and best practices to promote recovery. Pre-prosthetic surgery can help improve the dental restoration process by enabling you to achieve a better fit and function for your prosthesis from the start. Procedures are tailored to provide precise results and create a stable foundation and smooth surface for your dentures.

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