Immediate Implant Placement Houston & Katy, TX

If a tooth becomes cracked or damaged and cannot be effectively restored, Katy residents may require tooth extraction. To protect the integrity of surrounding teeth and reduce complications that can occur with missing teeth, the doctors at Lighthouse Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery perform immediate implant placement when possible.

Immediate implant placement into an extraction socket is a highly predictable means of tooth replacement which provides the same outcome with fewer surgical procedures and reduced overall treatment time. Several scientific studies have shown that when established protocols are followed, immediate implantation results in survival rates that are similar to those achieved by implants placed following the traditional delayed protocol.

Is Immediate Implant Placement Always Possible?

Whether immediate implant placement is a viable option or delayed implant placement should be used is determined by each patient’s individual situation. For an implant to be placed immediately, optimal bone and gingival tissue mass are required. Factors that may delay immediate placement include:

  • Periodontal disease. Gingivitis or periodontitis should be treated prior to implant placement to prevent infection that may interfere with new bone growth and integration of the dental implant.
  • Decreased bone mass. A bone graft may be necessary to build up the underlying mandible and create a stable foundation able to tolerate future bite force.

The existing tooth must be carefully removed to avoid damage to the surrounding bone and tissue in order to create a compatible environment for implant placement. The surgeon will assess the tooth socket to determine the thickness and condition of the buccal plate, as well as the thickness of the gingiva. Ideally, both the buccal plate and soft tissue should be intact and at least 1.5 mm thick. In addition, the exact placement of the dental implant within the socket will also be determined.

Benefits of Immediate Implant Placement

Immediate placement protocol has been shown to excel in preserving the supporting bone and soft tissue at the implant site, which produces functional, aesthetic outcomes. This approach to tooth replacement is appealing to most individuals because fewer surgical procedures are required, and overall treatment time is substantially reduced.

Bone Preservation

The absence of a tooth root can lead to bone loss through resorption. Inserting a dental implant immediately following extraction increases stability by using existing bone to help anchor the implant in place. Analogous or autologous bone chips may be used to fill in gaps around the implant and support osseointegration. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) may also be applied to stimulate natural healing.

Reduced Treatment Time

When the natural socket is used, fewer surgical procedures are typically required. The implant can be precisely inserted to emerge from the gum where the previous tooth was located. It fits within the existing structure and benefits from the existing blood flow to the area.

With delayed dental implant placement, a bone graft is used to assist with new bone growth, strengthening the extraction site, and preserving the contours of the dental ridge. It takes several weeks for the site to heal before the implant can be inserted into an artificially created hole. Once the implant is placed, the osseointegration process begins as the bone fuses to the dental implant, which takes several more weeks.

Improved Aesthetics

Once the dental implant is properly positioned, a provisional crown can be placed to enhance aesthetic appeal and maintain appropriate spacing between teeth. The temporary crown also helps to minimize micro-movement of the implant that can interfere with the successful remodeling of the bone. Following osseointegration, a permanent crown is affixed by a restorative dentist.

Speed Up the Restoration Process with Immediate Implant Placement

If you are preparing for tooth extraction, schedule a consultation at Lighthouse Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to discuss immediate implant placement as part of the restoration process.

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